Manila Auto Salon 2010 (SMX)

The 2010 Manila Auto Salon is done and over, it was fun while it lasted. I must admit I was less impressed by the cars this time around, but the crowd has definitely grown and title of biggest and best auto show in the Phils still belongs to these organizers. It was loud and crazy, with media all over the place, booth babes and their tiny outfits, exhibitors checking out what others are bringing to the table, it was a great environment for all car enthusiasts. It was awesome to be part of the show, bringing in my car, driving it into the building, all the hype and preparation, hearing compliments from random people, and even the exit, I’ll never forget it. But I gotta say, nothing will ever beat the 2008 show (HABREC FTW!)!

Here are some of the winners of the show:

Best Car Display, 2nd Place Modern Compact (2007 Honda Civic) – Good job Jake!

Best Extreme Custom, Best Bodykit (1997 Skyline R33 to R35) by my friend ATOY!

Best Van, Best Graphics (2007 Nissan El Grande) – Again by Jake

Best of Show Custom Car, Best Tuner Front Wheel Drive, Best Engine Display (2007 Civic) – Autoline

*with Race Queen Winner

Best of Show Extreme Tuner, Best Tuner Rear Wheel Drive (2001 BMW E46) – Atoy. Can anyone say, Victoria Court?

Best of Show Sport Truck, Best Pick-Up (1996 Toyota Hilux) – My boy Ed of FM Garage



And finally for the most prestigious award of them all, ErSH BEST IN SHOW!


Best in Show ErSH Award – Toyota AE 86 Turbo


~ by ershherrera on November 26, 2010.

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