Uncharted Movie to Star Mark Wahlberg?!

Oh man oh man, I have a baaaaad feeling about this. When I heard about the news, I had to put my few journalistic skills and find out if it was true. Low and behold, Mark Wahlberg actually confirmed it, as well saying hes trying to get Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci involved, playing as his dad and uncle respectively. Hold up, in the game, there was never any mention of Nathan Drake’s (the hero) dad or uncle.

First thing that comes to mind is, isnt Mark Wahlberg kinda old to play our loving smart-ass hero Nathan Drake? Nathan Drake is a young, comedic hero, quick on his feet and with his mouth, slender, and to me, seemed kinda tall. Think a personality like Johnny Storm (Human Torch) in the Fantastic 4 films. And altering the story to include characters that were never mentioned? Especially with a game as popular as Uncharted, whose spawned an even better sequel? Not good, not good. Haven’t we learned our lesson with Resident Evil? Personally, I disliked those films. Why deviate so much from a good source material? But who knows, could it be a tie in to Uncharted 3, set to be released sometime in 2011? The only saving grace I’ve heard is that at least theres a good director on helm, David Russel, (who’s films seem to be generating quite a bit of buzz, though personally, I havent seen any) and that Naughty Dog (studio behind Uncharted) is supervising the project. Naughty Dog puts a lot of polish and tlc into its games, and they started off as a small studio, so I’m sure they will take care of their baby.

Uncharted the movie is set to start filming this summer, so its most likely going to see a 2012 summer release date. Be sure to check back here for the latest updates and trailers!


~ by ershherrera on November 27, 2010.

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