Finally, My White iPhone 4!

Ah, my white iPhone 4 has finally arrived. Well, not really, since its just a cosmetics change, or you can say, plastic surgery (or in this case, glass) from my previous black iPhone 4. But nonetheless, this white one is definitely growing on me.

I must admit, being the OC kinda guy I am, especially with my gadgets, I was disappointed at first. I noticed all the little things that were off, which is why Steve Jobs probably decided to just cancel it all together (as rumors go). I dont know if I’m just extra OC or if others have encountered the problem where theres a tiny space between the rear panel and the aluminum frame. I researched and found some black units had this defect, but way worse than mine. It still does bother me from time to time, but less now. With the white glass, it also creates kind of a grey shadow by the border also takes some getting used to. Another thing I’m worried about is screen. The original screen was scratch resistant (I didnt even put a screen protector on my black one), but I’m not completely sure about this one. Not that there are any scratches and it was said that these white cases come directly from the Apple manufacturer, but you can never really know right? And Steve was right when he said the home button didnt exactly match the white glass.

But fret not dear readers, I have definitely grown to love this device. My brother, my girlfriend, my friends, everywhere I turn, everyone has the black iPhone 4, and after seeing them together, the white one is still unmatched. With the little flaws here and there (which i probably notice WAY more than most people), its still worth it. You hear people around you asking one another, “where’d he get that? Thats the white iPhone! the white one is so nice!” Not to mention how many heads it turns. It may seem that my complaints about the white iPhone outweigh the good, but I’m really just nitpicking. The white iPhone 4 is a gorgeous device and I recommend anyone who has been wanting, waiting, for the mythical white iPhone to be released by Apple, to get theirs done. If you have a few hundred bucks to spend and dare to have your precious iPhone 4 be taken apart, go for it!


~ by ershherrera on November 28, 2010.

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