DLCs: Good or Bad?

DLC, or downloadable content, is a route a lot of games take these days. They use these updates in order to tweak gameplay, add features, add characters, costumes, levels etc… whatever the developer wants. But are these doing more harm than good in the gaming industry??

This is something you can definitely look at from both sides of the same coin. One may say that it adds to the gameplay such as creating new maps to play online or additional characters to use to extend gameplay. While others may say its a marketing ploy, a way to milk out additional revenue for the developers by adding features, characters, maps etc… that should have already been there in the first place. Sorry guys, but I go with the latter. Sure sure, its nice to have unexpected DLC’s far down the line that make you want to play the game again, but developers who PLAN to have DLC’s, for me, is just a poor excuse to release an incomplete game early and make people pay extra for a complete one.

Yes, there are games such as Fallout that create brand new scenarios, as if its a brand new game or story line, thats fine and dandy. But games such as Street Fighter where you have to pay for additional characters (only a few I may add) and costumes?! Cmon Capcom, they should have been there from the start! Street Fighter isnt something new, its old and tested, you know it deserves the entire character list. But nope, Capcom chargers $8 for a character or two and some costumes. If that isnt an extra way to make money, I dno what is. Call me a cheapskate, but DLC’s should be free. Yes, they do require money to create, but hey, we bought your game, why only give us an incomplete one? If you want us to spend, then give us another game or at least something worth it! Rockstar’s got the idea, releasing the undead pack for Red Dead Redemption, for only $6 I may add. This added a brand new storyline, brand new gameplay, and it doesnt feel just tacked on. Anyway, all I’m getting at is, what happened to those days wherein games just came out and thats that? You went home, played it til you were bored, and waited for the next iteration. Now its just all about wondering if there will be a DLC to an incomplete game. How about this, developers should just save their time and money and put it to creating their next game.


~ by ershherrera on November 29, 2010.

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