Gran Turismo 5: First Hour Impressions

•November 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Finally! GT5 has arrived! After a 6 year wait, its finally here. But how does it stack up? Games today have definitely evolved with expectations being sky high, especially for AAA titles. Gran Turismo 5 is incredibly nostalgic, but theres nothing wrong with that. Booting up the disc, seeing familiar menus, sound bits, license tests, and my much loved used car lot, I felt like a kid again, playing the original GT. After getting the set up out of the way, which some say required an extremely long installation process (which I didnt encounter…weird?), it was straight to the license tests for me. First thing I noticed was how beautifully done the menus there were as well as including a voice overlay, which you’ll either love or hate. Going through the license tests allowed me to get back into the driving style that is GT. Having not played GT since prologue (which I havent played at all recently), it took a few tries before getting used to the braking points and the slow in-fast out principle. And after that, something lit up inside and made me strive for Gold on every test. Cutting hundredths and even thousandths of a second from previous times. The last game that did that for me was F1 2010 (but you will want to drive normal cars once in awhile). Thats the feeling of true racing.

Exploring the new car lot/dealers, the premium cars or “new” cars really do stand out. They have a look to them that no other racing game has shown. Although I love the used car lot, the standard cars did disappoint me, especially me being very OC, if it doesnt look the same as the others, I’d have a hard time using them. Its a blow to my love of old-school japanese cars but the new cars will make do. My greatest complain so far though, NO AE86 PREMIUM CAR! How can such an iconic, japanese car not have the premium treatment?!

So far, I’ve only completed the first 3 license tests and they have definitely brought me back to Gran Turismo driving mode. This game is huge, so many things to do yet so little time, so my impressions will come in segments. I’ve seen many mixed reviews out there but from one GT fan to another, I must say, who cares? If you love GT, if you love cars, you will definitely love this game. Stay tuned, the real racing has yet to begin.


Cowboys & Aliens

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Blockbuster movie trailers for Summer 2011 are gna start popping up like daisies in the next few months… with Green Lantern, Thor, Transformers 3 and here now, Cowboys & Aliens. Looks to be shaping up into something to look forward to! Its definitely appeared up on my to-watch list.

A lil background on the film, its based on a 100-page graphic novel created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. Its basically about an extraterrestrial that lands in Arizona back in the days of the wild west. Aliens come to enslave humanity but that doesn’t go without a fight against the cowboys and apache. So its like it sounds, cowboys vs. aliens! But without further adieu, heres the trailer:

The New (my)Vantage Site!

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Hey wasup guys?!

Long time no hear from us at Vantage! We had some loyal readers that were disappointed that we stopped the site, but Vantage is BACK, for better or worse! Here I am to give you guys the heads up with the direction of myVantage. If your interested in the latest gadgets, games, movies, music and a few rants and news around the metro, be sure to check our site updates in the next few days! I have a lot in store for this site and comments from you guys will only add fuel to ma’ fire!

I’m still trying to do some fine tuning on the site so please bear with me. This new wordpress site is something I gta learn hehe. But peace out for now. Good things good things.